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Welcome the home page of Griffo - Internet Design and Authoring (IDeA). Feel free to browse around. You can leave feedback in our Guest Book.


"What's the IDeA here?"

IDeA is a part of Griffo NV, a company specialised in prepress in general. The four people at Griffo that participate in IDeA are Michel Vuijlsteke and Bruno Bollaert, our resident HTML-specialists, Kris Demey, designer and Geert Joris. Find out why we call ourselves IDeA on the IDeA Page.


"Who are you guys?"

Michel, Bruno and Geert have been doing stuff on computers since before they can remember, on the Internet for years, and on WWW since last year. Kris has been doing lay-out and design since he was a kid. Find out if you want to know even more about us on our Personal Pages.


"Uh-huh. So why
should I hire you?"

We don't blame you for asking. Here's why you should take your business to us rather than to anyone else:

  1. We know what we're doing - witness our IDeA Page.
  2. We've proven that we're good at what we do - see our Portfolio.
  3. Our prices are very reasonable - take a look at our indicative price list and contact us for details.

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