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The projects you'll find here are obviously not everything we have ever done. There is html code and there are images of us floating around the World Wide Web. There are pages that we are currently developing. There are pages that clients prefer to keep private. There are pages we just plain forgot to mention.

And yes, there are pages we were proud of months ago, that we wouldn't be caught dead showing now :-).

Please note that this page is still under construction.



The Arno Hintjens pages are the net's most complete source about this Belgian singer.



Colours and design for the European Installation Bus Association pages closely emulate its own house style.


Michael Nyman

The Michael Nyman pages.


Plan International

Plan International (formerly known as Foster Parents Pan), offers people in the West the opportunity to "adopt" a child in the Third World. Their Web pages were created with nothing else than a black-and-white A4 folder as a starting point.


Studio Skoop

Studio Skoop is one of Flanders' premiere art cinemas. The pages themselves were made in Michel's free time (he works there as a projectionist), and they are long overdue for a major overhaul.

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