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Michel Vuijlsteke

One-time law student, now studying history. Lives with his girlfriend Sandra and their two cats Piep and Hecate in Ghent. Would like to divide his day in 12 hours being with Sandra, 12 hours doodling in Photoshop, 12 hours reading, 12 hours writing html, 12 hours learning new programmes, 12 hours netsurfing, 12 hours listening to music and, oh yes, 1 or 2 hours studying. He is the founder and Grand Mufti of the Albania for King Zog Committee, and President of the Committee's Moose Dept.

Pet projects of his include the most complete (and only) pages about Arno and - no connection whatsoever - The Albania for King Zog Committee.

You can e-mail him at michel@netpoint.be.



Bruno Bollaert

Bruno is currently in his last year of Germanic Languages, trying to get started on a paper about Fuzzy Semantics.

Bruno maintains the best and most extensive web pages about Michael Nyman and - no connection whatsoever - Vanessa Paradis.

Has a physical residence in Sint-Amandsberg, Ghent, but can best be reached at his virtual address, :bruno@netpoint.be.

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