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Internet? Design? And Authoring?


1. Internet?

Yup. Internet. We all have extensive experience in computers and in design and lay-out in general, but we specialize in making World Wide Web documents.

"Oh yes? So what are your prices?"



2. Design?

That's right. Design. We can design an entire house style for you, or use existing elements in WWW pages. We don't use boilerplate documents at IDeA: every client gets our full attention, and a fully personalized set of Web pages.

"I want to believe you, but show me some examples first."



3. Authoring?

Authoring. Authoring is what we call the art of transfering design to html. Because the World Wide Web is not a piece of paper, and the rules for DTP are not the rules for WWW. We at IDeA know what it is to surf the Web. We won't scare your customers away with huge in-line gifs or ugly pages. We can design both state of the art web pages for the Netscape browser, and no-nonsense pages that'll look good in any browser.

"What exactly do you mean? Tell me more!"

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