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IDeA Price List

We were not going to give you a detailed price list here. Why? Two reasons: because every client is different, and because we don't work with boilerplate designs.

We do however understand that you need to have some idea of our price structure, so we give you this indicative list.

One-time startup fee:

Per 25 pages (with a maximum of 50.000 BEF)10.000 BEF

Price per page:

Pages smaller than 4 K (formated)1500 BEF
Per additional K (formated), up to 10 K400 BEF
Per additional K (formated), over 10 K600 BEF


Simple buttons ("back", "home", etc.)500 BEF
Image scanning350 BEF
Image creation (per hour)1500 BEF


Forms2.500 BEF
Tables (per screen page, 800x600 pixels)750 BEF

The emphasis is on indicative: prices will vary per client and per project. So if you want more information, don't hesitate to e-mail us, or send us a fax at +32/9/220.09.26.

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