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1978:Arno has his first encounter with the cinema, writing the music for the Belgian movie "Le concert d'un homme seul" (The Concert of a Lonely Man).
1985:Arno sings in performances of "Faust" at the prestigious Opéra de Paris.
1986:Arno plays the lead in the Belgian film "Skin". He also writes the music of the movie.
1988:More and more people from the film industry become interested in Arno: director Jacques Doillon uses the song "Trouble in mind" in one of his films and "Jive to the beat" is heard in a fim starring Catherine Deneuve.
1993:Arno writes the music for a number of films:
  • "Personne ne m'aime" (Nobody loves me) by Marion Vernoux (starring Bernadette Lafont, Lio, Bulle Ogier, Jean-Pierre Leaud, ...)
  • "Abracadabra" by Harry Cleven (starring Clementine Célarié, Thierry Fremont, Philippe Volter, ...)
  • "Faut-il aimer Mathilde?" (Should Mathilde be loved?) by Edwin Baily (starring Dominique Blanc, André Marcon, Jacques Bonnafé, Paul Crauchet, Anne-Marie Cappelier, ...)
  • "Moeder waarom leven wij?" (Mother Why Do We Live?) by Guido Henderickx. A Flemish six-episode series broadcast by the Beglian TV-channel VTM.
  • "La nage indienne" (Heads Above Water) by Xavier Durringer (starring Karin Viard, Gérard Laroche, Eric Savin, ...)
  • "Suite 16" by Dominique Deruddere (starring Pete Postlethwaite, Antonie Kamerling, Geraldine Pailhas, ...). Music by Walter Hus, Ashbury Faith, Dani Klein (Vaya Con Dios) and Arno.
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