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Mon ami Louis


Lyrics: A. Hintjens. Music: A. Hintjens / J.M. Aerts. Arr.: J.M. Aerts

What do you need
Black satin sheets
A pill to sleep
Blue Water in the toilet
A job of a boss
Une brosse à dents électrique
Toast Canibal, Hippy Revival

Et mon ami Louis
A girl pour mama
A boy pour papa
Pour le fils un motto
A ticket pour le metro
Suspenders and stockings
Once a week
A visit to a mistress
C'est mon homme godverdomme

Mon ami Louis

He likes Bing Crosby
In Christmas time
When God is on his side
His illusions are great and simple
He thinks he's not the greatest
But he thinks he's really good

Mon ami Louis
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