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A la francaise

Liner Notes


Produced by Mike Butcher & Arno
Except "Le bon dieu" produced by Holger Czukay & "Marie tu m'as" produced by A. Hintjens / J.M. Aerts

Arno Hintjens: vocals, harmonica, piano
Ad Cominotto: keyboards, programmig, accordion
Geoffrey Burton: guitar, banjo, mandolin, 12 strings François Garny: bass
Rudy Cloet: drums & percussions

Philippe De Chaffoy: violon on "Laisse-moi danser"
Paul Powell: bass on "T'inquiète pas", "Oui là-bas" & "Marie tu m'as"
Geoffrey Burton: bass on "Elle pense à lui"
Magic Stick: drums on "T'inquiète pas" & "Oui là-bas"
Marie Afonso, Sabine Kabongo & Sylvie Nawasadio, fro Zap Mama: backing vocals on "Seul"
Jean-Pierre Onraedt: drums on "Seul", "Le bon dieu" & "Marie tu m'as"
Jean-Marie Aerts: guitars on "Le bon dieu" & "Marie tu m'as"
Alain Goutier: bass on "Le bon dieu"
Serge Ferrara: Accordion on "Le bon dieu"
Jumpie, Holger, Czukay: keyboards on "Le bon dieu"
Arno: piano on "Marie tu m'as"

All arrangements by A. Hintjens / A. Cominotto except "Depuis ce jour-là" & "...tu sais" arranged by A. Hintjens, "Marie tu m'as" by A. Hintjens / J.M. Aerts, "Le bon dieu" by H. Czukay

Recorded and mixed by Mike Butcher
Assistant recording: Laurent Le Vaillant, Sebastian Lambrechts, Marc Vanrompay
Assistant Mixing: Evelyn Tjebbes, Thierry Durou

Recorded at Bergerie de Montpezat (Quilhan, France) with Le Studio Mobile, Studio Kitsch, Studio, Caraïbes, Studio Synsound é& Studio ICP (Brussels, Belgiulm) [sic] & Wisseloord Studios (Hilversum, Holland)

Mixed at Wisseloord (Hilversum, Holland), Studio Mega (Paris, France), Studio Synsound é& Studio ICP (Brussels, Belgium)

Mastered by Ian Cooper at Metropolis (London, England)
Digital editing: Tone Temple Studios (Luxembourg)
Associate production on "Seul": A/C Rainbow (Alain Nandrin), Jean-Pierre Onraedt
Zap Mama appears courtesy of Crammed Discs.
A&R: Luca Minchillo

Photo: Jean-Baptiste Mondino
Design: JP Moogly" Fernandez

Management: Talent Sorcier
(Cyril Prieur, Richard Walter)
Paris, France (Fax 33/1 48 00 01 08) Booking: Tour de Force (Ton Van Draanen)
Brussels, Belgium (Fax 33/2 420 08 33)

Samples used on "T'inquiète pas":
"Dizzy moods" by Charlie Mingus
from the album "Tijuana Moods" (RCA)
"Slow Blues" by Roland Kirk
from the album "The Man Who Cried Fire" (Night Records / Virgin)

Thanks to everybody at Wisseloord and Montpezat, I love them.

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