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The projects you'll find here are obviously not everything we have ever done. There is html code and there are images of us floating around the World Wide Web. There are pages that we are currently developing. There are pages that clients prefer to keep private. There are pages we just plain forgot to mention.

And yes, there are pages we were proud of months ago, that we wouldn't be caught dead showing now :-).

Please note that (1) this page may take some time to load due to lots of inline images and (2) this page is still under construction. Only three of our dozens of projects are currently featured here.


Old IAA Pages

Before we became IDeA we toyed with the idea of becoming an internet provider. Hence: Internet Access and Authoring.

[iaa page]

These pages still exist: they are located on the Netpoint WWW Server.



These are the pages we developed for our first client, the European Installation Bus Association. Colours and design closely emulate the house style.

[eiba page]

IDeA is still negotiating this contract - we are sorry to tell you that these pages are still confidential.


Studio Skoop

Michel is a projectionist in Studio Skoop, probably the best cinema in Flanders if not in Belgium. He made these pages in his free time. They are long overdue for a major overhaul, but time is not a commodity we have in abundant supply right now.

[studio skoop page]

The up-to-date version of these pages is located on the Eduserv student server of Ghent University.

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Graphics and text copyright © Michel Vuijlsteke for IDeA