Internet Access Services

Impakt nv/sa, in co-operation with IBM Global Network, offers a full range of access services to the Internet.

Dial-up access with a POP in Gent

For a small monthly fee you get full access to the Internet. Use public-domain software to set up a slip connection to our modem pool in Gent for connections up to 28800 bit/sec using a V34 modem. Services include mail-forwarding and store, netnews news feed, 24hours access and all the standard Internet facilities such as ftp, telnet, WWW-browsers, etc.

Price: 1 500 Bef/month, 10 hours free, extra hours at 180 Bef/hour

Flat fee, unlimited dial-up access with a POP in Gent

For a fixed yearly fee you get hassle-free unlimited access to the Internet. No limits on connection time or downloads

Price: 28 000 Bef/year (no setup fee)

ISDN access

Professional ISDN connection with 64000 kbs access via PPP. Unlimited access 24 hours/day.

112 000 Befusing ISDN PC card
524 000 BefCisco ISDN router
Setup fee: 12 000 Bef

V34 leased-line access

Continuous connection to the Internet using a low-cost leased line and modem with speeds up to 28800 bit/sec plus compression.

Price: 18 000 Bef/month, setup fee 25 000 Bef

Leased-line access

Professional Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to set up WWW services. Router lease included.

6432 000 Bef
12857 600 Bef
256103 000 Bef

One-time setup fee 61 714 Bef

Call Impakt for a detailed price offer or e-mail to

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