Content hosting service

Our content hosting service offers companies an opportunity to be present on the World Wide Web. Impakt provides with Netpoint complete solutions from content hosting where the customer uses the Netpoint server to host pages, to the design of home pages, forms, databases interfaces and graphic styling.

Standard service

Standard services include:

Price information:

Our price schedule is based on disk capacity and number of accesses to allow us to quote the best price for every use. You can start from a low base price and pay more only when your pages become a succes by increased accesses.
Monthly charge: up to 5 Mbytes3 500 Bef/month
    Additional disk space500 Bef/month per Mbyte

Additional charges based on the number of accesses:
Entry level service up to 5 000 accesses/monthfree
     Small10 000 accesses/month4 500 Bef/month
     Medium20 000 accesses/month8 000 Bef/month
     Large50 000 accesses/month15 000 Bef/month

Impakt provides content hosting services for activity level above 50 000 accesses/month. However, in these cases it might be advisable to consider the possibility to setting up a dedicated Web server at the customer's site.

Additional services

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